About Sarah Sunday

Shalaeyah, I’m Sarah Sunday, author of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One series. The series is a space opera science fiction series with a rich world that I have developed over the course of my entire-thinking life.

Before I began writing these stories, I did extensive world-building to create the setting and all the characters. The writing came from the ideas I created in my world; I made a world and then the stories naturally came from it. The books I have written/am writing are just some of the tales I have created.

With that being said, my true love is in world-building and in creation. I love creating detailed backstories and histories for everything little thing inside of it. Making characters and figuring out their stories. I’m extremely passionate about world building, if you can’t already tell. Writing too, but that is just a means to an end to share my work.

So yeah. That is a bit about me. The more interesting parts anyway, but who cares about the rest? I don’t. Forget about me and read my stuff.

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My Other Work

Writing books may be the most time consuming part of my writing career, but I do have other written work floating around in the ether. The notable ones are listed below.

Selective Elective: A Food Review Blog

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Collection

Personal Website